To win the title of Top National Bus Driver, nominees need to go that extra mile to provide excellent customer service as well as being friendly, helpful, conscientious and mindful of passengers’ comfort and well-being. In short, a true professional and worthy ambassador for the job.

When you make the nomination, please give as much information as you can to help us identify the driver if you don’t know his or her name. We will then contact the driver’s employer and ask them to complete an entry form and tell us more about the driver. Bus companies can also nominate their own drivers. We’ll also need the driver’s permission of course. We won’t pass on your details to the driver or employer.  

Once all the entries are received, a panel of judges will score all the entries and draw up a shortlist. We want to know that our shortlisted drivers are providing great service every day, so they will also be subject to the scrutiny of our mystery travellers. A detailed manual describes how the marks should be allocated, taking into account more than 30 aspects of a bus journey. Great care is taken to ensure that scoring is consistent between different mystery travellers, who sample a variety of bus trips across peak and off peak services. This produces many hundreds of scores that are collated to produce the final scores. These are then combined with the scores from the judges to produce the final outcome. The trophy is presented to the winner at the UK Bus Awards annual presentation ceremony in November each year. 

To win the title of Top National Bus Driver is a real accolade, and it all starts with your nomination. So if you’ve had a great bus journey, tell us about on the nomination form below. 

Thank you for your time and interest. 

TNBD Nomination
(Will not be passed on to third parties)
Please include anything that would be helpful in identifying the driver